Meanwhile, in search of hope

Writing Prompt: False

It’s not like I was asking for a BIG miracle; just a small one would be plenty.

Just enough to take the edge off the waiting.

I hate waiting. –> Such a funny statement that is. Seriously, who enjoys waiting? Is there anyone who doesn’t hate waiting? 

“I enjoy long walks, waiting for the end of time, and Rocky Road ice cream.” –> you won’t find that profile on OKCupid.  *Pro Tip: If you do, ABORT, because that has to be one crazy Mother…*

Just a little miracle I insist, like a bum begging for a cigarette at the bus stop. My paper bag canteen has run dry and the reality is sobering.

Defeated, I fold up my cardboard sign and walk away, middle finger to the sky and eyes searching the ground.



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